Week 1 (08/09/08 - 12/09/08)

Thursday, 11/09/2008 (DUE: Friday 12/09/2008)

  1. Completed Student Interest Survey
  2. Signed portion of Parent Letter
  3. Syllabus signed by parent/guardian and student (please be sure to read over this document with your student!)
  4. This sheet of paper, signed by parent/guardian and student

Friday, 12/09/2008 (DUE: Monday, 15/09/2008)

  1. Course materials (See syllabus under Course Documents)
  2. Set up account on class website (Good Job!)
  3. Study 20-30 minutes for our “Syllabus Quiz” on Monday, 15/09/2008. This will be a short quiz on information in our course syllabus. Example questions are posted on the Test Review page on this website.
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